Club Branches Department

Club Branches Department

Historically, the club branches have always been born due to the pooling of a group of supporters that, in one specific place, gather to carry out social, sport and cultural activities in order to represent Racing Club and its district, city or province.


The club branches also provide a service to the member of the club, since they collect the membership fees, they make reservations of tickets for the matches in which Racing takes part, makes arrangements for the transfer of the supporters from each branch to the stadium, among other services.

Any Racing supporter wishing to be a member of the club may do so by calling the club branch closest to their address. For any type of enquiry referred to the existing branches or to the eventual formation of new ones, you may contact the Club Branches Department, located in the Presidente Perón stadium (next to gate 17), dial 4201-2011, or send an e-mail to s[email protected] or [email protected].

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