Life Members' Department

Life Members' Department

Because we have history to remember. Because we have a present to ratify it, and, most of all, because we have a glorious future.

Contact e-mail: [email protected]

The Life Members and Golden Wedding Department is located in the ground floor of the Avellaneda offices, and it is open to everyone who wishes to join, tell share experiences and present concerns in order to fulfil the aims of the Department, described below:

  • To foster and develop such activities that allow the improvement of the life member life, whether physically or spiritually, in a fraternity framework.
  • To incorporate the experience of a senior member as an asset for the life of the club.
  • To listen to and to solve concerns and enquiries.
  • The life members shall be offered the following proposals:
  • Trips: Organization of trips where Racing plays, fishing trips or trips to the provinces (through the organization with the affiliates).
  • Tourism: Within the country, abroad or mini-tourism.
  • Regular raffles in the matches or events (shirts, stand, balls, dinners, etc.).
  • Reorganization and improvement of the quincho (barbecue grill shed) of the sports centre.
  • Comradeship dinners with the presence of old heroes and players of Racing.
  • Tournaments of different sports: Academic and chess olympics, etc.
  • Discounts in different areas.
  • Greetings in birthdays.
  • Monthly meetings to know the member’s opinion, concerns and suggestions.
  • Revision of our history: Creation of a commission for the revision of our club’s history, using historical material, photographs, shirts, banners, etc.

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