Supporters' Department

Supporters' Department

The Supporters’ Department was previously called Supporters’ Commission by a group of members in order to carry out actions beneficial for Racing, but outside the formal structure of the club, during management.

The actions carried out allowed the group to be recognised among people. For example, it rented buses autonomously, with no external support, to go to the places where the club would play and provided a distinctive colour in the stands.

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Based on the prestige gained through those years, the new Board gave this Department a proper space within the institution, so that it would continue carrying out its projects in a more organized way and backed by the club.

In 2009, the Supporters’ Department, after receiving the approval of the Board, officially established, March 7th as the “Racing Supporter Day” in memory of the same date of 1999, when, after the club was declared bankrupt and it had no judicial authorisation to play in matches, all the fans of Racing went to the stadium in Avellaneda all the same.

In order to give both members and fans the importance they deserve within the club, since the Torneo Clausura 2009, the Supporters’ Department has been renting buses to all the stadiums where Racing plays in the different provinces, within the City of Buenos Aires and different surrounding areas.

Likewise, in order for Racing to have the social life lost during the last years, the club has carried out different actions to gather funds that allow to rebuild, in a short term, the quinchos (barbecue grill sheds) inside the stadium, a historical place of entertainment for all the Racing supporters.

Nowadays, this Department sells merchandising and raffles and organises different trips and events. The funds gathered are used, among other projects, for the self-financing of those events and other actions for the benefit of the fans and members of Racing Club.

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