Racing Club School

Colegio: Ameghino 883, Avellaneda
Jardín: Colón 750, Avellaneda
Jardín: +54 011 4229.1350 (int. 203)
Prim.: +54 011 4229.9301
Sec.: +54 11 4201.0702


“Home warmth, educational quality” is much more than just a slogan. It is a phrase that summarises the desire with which our school was created and with which it is growing day by day, on the basis of fundamental values such as solidarity.

The preschool opened its doors in 1961 at the club’s offices, at Avenida Mitre 934, Avellaneda. In 2003, forty-two years later, the Benefit Society Racing Club (Mutual Racing Club) created the primary school, which opened in the same building. In 2008, both the preschool and the primary school were moved to Ameghino 883, Avellaneda. In March 2009, the first promotion inaugurated the secondary school, which was located in the third floor of the Avellaneda offices. In March 2012, the secondary school was moved together with the primary school, the two of which, in addition to the preschool, were unified under the name Racing Club School, under the charge of the Civil Association Racing Club.

Over the last few years, the Racing Club School has been steadily growing, not only regarding the number of students, but also regarding the infrastructure of the building and the upgrades in the educational aspect, for the benefit of the students.