Marketing Department

Marketing Department

Racing Club is an institution that has achieved a prestigious recognition both nationally and internationally, and that has a marked participation in the most important media in the country and abroad.

Through the different actions carried out by the Marketing Department, such media have categorized the club as the third football brand of Argentina.

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Racing works in the professional management of its brand since 2009, when the club implemented a marketing plan, with objectives that had different time limits, focusing on the development of the areas that were improved for the building of a strong brand image. Through these different actions, Racing is now the third football brand of Argentina.

Through innovative actions, the club lead the way in the Argentine market, following 2 concepts: identity and innovation. Thus, it is trying to be at the forefront of the digital world, particularly, but vindicating the history of the club at the same time:

  • Member recruitment campaigns through advertising spots that helped increase five times the number of members throughout the years, from 12,000 to 65,000 members, and to double the number of stand memberships.
  • Implementation of innovative actions in social networks, from a time machine in Twitter to a viral activation of geolocation, where thousands of fans around the world shared their pictures.
  • Encouragement of the fans’ loyalty since their birth through the development of the brand Racing Kids and through the first Argentine football team’s website dedicated to children.

  • Moreover, the club is working to build the path so that its main sponsors become real commercial partners, launching campaigns that may benefit both parties and in order for the associated brands to adopt the values of Racing.


Racing is developing a wide programme oriented to brands that are willing to use the club as a launching platform, from sport brands to social brands, by offering them the possibility of getting a market position through the club.

Global Sponsorship

  • It ensures the presence of the sponsor in the different levels of communication of Racing (training wear, interior and exterior statics, auxiliary field, the academy training ground, communication platform, events, etc.).

Social Responsibility and Sustainability

  • Throughout the years, Racing carried out programmes related to social commitment. Through Racing Solidario, the club opens its doors to brands with CSR policies that wish to communicate, using the values that the club transmits in charity events and in the Patronage programme, the aim of which is to make Racing an engine that allows low-income children and teenagers to do different sports in our facilities. Moreover, Racing is developing its programme Racing Sustentable. Its aim is to turn the stadium into the first sustainable stadium in the country, using rain to water the grass and plants and separating in a responsible way garbage for its recycling.

Events, meetings and businesses

  • We provide the brands with a unique and distinguished space for the organisation of events, presentation of products, conventions, sport clinics, etc. Our facilities have all it takes to make your event a different one, whether inside the stadium or within the different facilities of the club.

Corporate Spaces

  • We offer the brands different spaces to improve the clients’ and employees’ loyalty, subject to availability.
  • Stand passes: Reserved seats to watch Racing in all the matches of the different championships it takes part in.
  • VIP Stands: A new sector with snack and attendants services to watch the match from a comfort space located in the best part of the stadium.
  • VIP Boxes: With several locations, catering service, LED TV’s and parking lots.

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