Avellaneda Offices

Av. Mitre 934, Avellaneda 0800 ACADEMIA (22233642)


Located in central Avellaneda, at Avenida Mitre 934, the Avellaneda offices are one of the most emblematic buildings of the institution and the core of the club's social life. Several generations of members have walked its halls and corridors, playing their part to make La Academia a big club.

The building has baby football courts with renewed locker rooms, top notch toilets, a fully equipped gym and an indoor swimming pool. In addition, all the club's departments' offices are located in the building, and this is where the club's authorities work.

On the other hand, the Members' Support Office is also located here. Just like in the Buenos Aires offices, members can make enquiries, submit claims, pay the membership fee and fees for other activities and renew season tickets and membership cards.