Néstor Kirchner Sports Centre

Autopista Richieri y Km. 23.500, Esteban Echeverría


The masterplan

The club obtained the plot of land where the Racing Club Sports Centre is to be built on June 24th, 2009, when the then Argentine President, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner completed the transfer to the Racing Club Civil Association, as a corollary to the fervent efforts made by the former President Dr. Néstor Kirchner.

These fervent efforts, channelled by the former president, are translated today into a reality: The Racing Club Sports Centre.

The centre is located in a top spot in the metropolitan area, in the zone known as “Bosques de Ezeiza”, in the town of 9 de Abril, 23.5 km away from Buenos Aires’ centre. The centre is 30 km away from the club’s offices and stadium and 5 km away from Ezeiza International Airport.

The Sports Centre was designed for high performance professional training and for the squad to mentally prepare before games and during pre-season training. It will have medical facilities and housing for the players and coaching staff. In addition, it will have a social use, especially for students, kids and teenagers of the area. A second stage is also planned: an expansion of the facilities to house sport delegations, showing a clear social and sporting identity, following our club’s.

The plot of land has an area of 32 ha and its occupation and use is organised to preserve the natural landscape. The most important part of the project will only take 10 ha, which is where the athletes’ training and housing will take place.

It is in this sector where the sporting activities will take place:

  • The building where the squad will mentally prepare before matches
  • Five training fields
  • Parking spaces and driveways
  • Footways
  • Access to and control of the Sports Centre

This large complex consisting of the building, patios, footways and football fields will have a high technology hydraulic system and a landscape created following the best designs.

The complex will be in the northern side of the plot in order to have a better use and a better forest treatment. The sporting facilities will be surrounded by a grove consisting of several species which protect it against the southern winds and opens up to the north. What is more, this “little forest” provides a highly valued space of shadow.

Several engineers, architects, designers and landscapists have worked on this plan. The works have already begun.

The masterplan is completed with a landscaping project surrounding the area, the aerobic circuit, the patios and resting spots, where trees (white ashes and other local species) and bushes will be planted following the hydraulic needs and the project itself. The species will be chosen according to the existing ones, the characteristics of the whole area and the environment.

The rest of the plot will be left in its natural conditions for amusement, with footways and resting spots. Both spontaneous and organised activities will take place in open areas, which will be treated following the natural characteristics of the environment.

The building

The building in which the players will train and mentally prepare for the games is a two-storey building of 3,200 square meters in the form a U. It will have the architectonic versatility of being expandable in defined modules.

It will have a central space, or patio, with three separate sectors which will be connected by several accesses linking with outer spaces and the fields.

It was designed according to sustainable technology and criteria, with easy maintenance and conservation. Its housing and walls will have air chambers to maintain comfortable temperatures, and its openings, doors and windows will have closing systems to control temperatures, venting and illumination in order to save energy.

The “Main Hall” will be where the public activities will take place. It will have the reception desk, the Press and Multipurpose Room, a canteen and the board offices.

In the “Central Sector” is where the locker rooms, the gymnasium, the kinesiologist and the medical offices, the dining hall, the bar and the playroom will be.

In the “Residents’ Sector” is where both players and the coaching and medical staff will be accommodated. There will also be a meeting room, a file and service room and a chapel.

This building is part of the open space, where the training fields and the resting spots will be connected.