Buenos Aires Offices

Nogoyá 3051, Buenos Aires 0800 ACADEMIA (22233642)


The club’s Buenos Aires offices, declared historical monument, are an open space not only for the Racing family but also to the whole community. In the same building, a great number of social and sporting activities for all ages take place on a daily basis.

Located in the heart of the city of Buenos Aires, at Nogoyá 3061, between Helguera and Argerich streets, in the neighbourhood of Villa del Parque, the building has a swimming pool, baby football courts, a multi-sporting indoors stadium, locker rooms, a buffet, grills and everything you need to have a good time with your family.

In addition, there is a members’ support office, where members can have information regarding the activities carried out at the club, make enquiries and submit claims, as well as paying the membership fee and fee for other activities, the renewal of season tickets, etc.

What is more, the tickets for the football matches are sold here too.